It all began in a student housing!

It is not quite the famous garage of Apple, but we are still proud of it all.

History of the company

Eidam & Partner was founded by Markus Eidam in the spring of 2004. He had previously completed his studies in cross-cultural communication and had worked abroad for several years.

What’s really interesting about the first few years is that the company wasn’t actually a company. Because the founder didn’t want to take out a loan, funding was extremely limited. Eidam & Partner was a one-man operation run out of a shared student apartment.

200 experts from 85 countries

The "wild years": our student apartment

An idea, a computer, a startup website, a few flyers and a lot of good friends who offered to help out for free. Professional and committed, but very small. That’s all there was to the company at first.

That we acquired our first multinational enterprises as customers within a short amount of time surprised us more than anyone, since we were still a company run out of a shared student apartment after two years. At least now there were 3 computers, bigger flyers and two helpers who were able to earn at least a little money for their support.

Finally a real office

The move into a more or less typical office and the first salaried employees followed in 2007. The trainer pool had grown to a very considerable size of 40 experts by that time, and the list of customers was also getting longer and longer.

We are absolutely proud that our company has grown by up to 20% per year since then.

200 experts

Here’s how it looks today!

Today, with more than 80 advanced training offerings, 550 international customers and 200 experts, we rank among the largest cross-cultural training providers in Europe. And we even have a real office we can call our own.

Ever since Eidam & Partner was founded, we’ve always tried to stay different, human and open to change. We’re not primarily interested in making money. We want to make a difference with our work and be proud of what we’ve accomplished!

Experts close to you - worldwide

Our 200+ senior experts live all across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and many other European countries. We also have trainers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, as well as in North and South America. No matter if on-site or online; we are close to you!

We're looking forward to you!

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