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Coaching for Expat Spouses

Our coaching program helps expat partners to adapt much better to their new home and to cope with the family and personal challenges of an international assignment.

This will allow you to decisively increase the happiness of the entire family and to positively influence the job performance of your dispatched employee.

Unser Re-Entry-Training hilft Ihren Mitarbeitern bei der Eingliederung.

This is how we can help!

Our spouse coaching consists of four diverting coaching hours with an expert who has specialized in the challenging situation of expat spouses.

The program includes the following topics, among others:

  • Finding a job
  • Typical family challenges during an international assignment
  • Culture shock
  • Homesickness
  • Establishment of social contacts in the target country
  • Adjustment difficulties in the target country
  • Creating an individual plan for the first weeks/months in the new home

This coaching program begins before the departure and continues during the adaptation phase in the target country. This way, we provide support exactly when it is most needed.

Please note!

Our coaching program does not contain any country-specific information. We therefore recommend that you take part in your expat’s country-specific preparation session!

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