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Cultural training for expats

We’ll sustainably prepare your employees and their families for an upcoming assignment abroad. Our goal is that your employees get settled in their new home countries as easy as possible. Of course, we also impart extensive information and strategies for professional contact with foreign colleagues, employees, customers and business partners.

Because our experts have spent years in the respective target countries themselves, your employees will learn exclusive insider tips that will simplify the upcoming stay abroad considerably.

We offer recent know how for your international business!


  • Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Russian or Mandarin
  • Location: In-house at your company, in rented seminar rooms all across the world, as a live online training or as Webinar
  • 80 target countries – for example, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia or the USA
  • This in-house training is bookable for individuals or groups.
  • Of course, this training is also available for Germany [for non-German participants]!

Experts close to you - worldwide

Our 200+ senior experts live all across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and many other European countries. We also have trainers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, as well as in North and South America. No matter if on-site or online; we are close to you!

Sustainable cross-cultural preparation

From the content

We recommend that the spouse takes part as well, if possible. For the youngest family members, we also offer a special kids’ training.

Module 1+2
  • The cultural values of your target country
  • Tips and tricks for face to face contacts with people from your target country
  • Strategies for your virtual collaboration [via e-mail, phone, business messaging apps or online meetings]
  • Dealing with colleagues, employees and teams [on-site and online]
Module 3+4
  • Differences in work and leadership styles
  • Project work
  • Know-how on the topic of customer relations
  • Successfully holding meetings and presentations [on-site and online]
  • Best practice: Effective negotiation management with people from your target country
Module 5+6
  • What do I need to keep in mind regarding an international assignment?
  • From practical experience: How best to settle in
  • Tips and tricks on private life in the target country
  • How to establish a private foundation of trust; how to find friends and acquaintances on-site
  • Holidays and religious particularities
  • Safety in the target country
  • Culture shock: How to avoid it or diminish its negative impacts
  • Our special module: International assignments as a family [with spouses/children]

We’ll happily create an adapted program for you. Please contact our team!

Why Eidam & Partner?


Our senior trainers have lived and worked in their respective target countries for several years. On top of that, most of them were even born and raised on site.


Our trainings are individually adjusted to your situation and needs; guaranteed!


Our seminars and coachings offer a vast mixture of methods: exercises, group challenges, simulations, case studies, videos, etc.


It's a matter of the heart for us that the entire family is included in our cross-cultural preparation measures.


We are particularly proud of the average grade of our trainings, which was 1.26 last year [1.0 = very good | 6.0 = very bad].


Eidam & Partner works climate neutral: with green electricity, recycled paper, CO2 compensation via tree planting and many things more.


We’ll gladly support your employees during their entire stay abroad. For this purpose, we’ve developed various additional offerings that allow us particularly sustainable support.

We are looking forward to you!

More than 550 companies rank among our customers, including Airbus, Audi, HewlettPackard, Leoni and Siemens.

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We are looking forward to you!

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