We will not leave you in the rain; even after your return!

Our re-entry measures ... for her, for him, for the whole family.

Support for returnees

Companies lose up to 52% of their returnees within the first two years [study: Global Relocation Trends].

It's often not considered that most expatriates critically change through their stay abroad. Moreover, insecurities are most often caused by an uncertain future, by a lack of an adequate position in the company or by familial problems due to stress, burnout or unprocessed experiences.

Our re-entry methods comprehensively address these challenges and thus help your employees to return home successfully.

Our re-entry training helps your employees with their reintegration.

This is how we can help!

  • The return from abroad is usually accompanied by a feeling of alienation. We help your participants to reflect on past experiences and to plan their future situations.
  • With the introduction of field-tested methods, we’ll help them cope with both emotional and physical stress.
  • The re-integration process will be accelerated for both the expatriate and his or her family.

From the contents

  • Review of experiences abroad/reflection of personal development
  • Comparison between the former country of assignment and one's home culture - deduction of possible problems with regard to the return
  • Conflict and cultural management:
    • What do I/what does my family need now?
    • How can I effectively avoid negative effects related to returning?
  • Field-tested tips and tricks on the avoidance of a re-entry shock
  • Construction of a personal strategy for the first days, weeks and months after the return

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We work climate neutral: with green electricity, recycled paper, CO2 compensation via tree planting and many things more.


Our experts have many years of experience abroad, in addition to equally vast management and further education experience.

We thus offer you experts who have gained their know-how above all through practical experience.

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